Fall/Winter Indoor 4's Rules

With the exception of the special 4-on-4 rules listed below, our league rules will be based on the standard USAU 2020-2021 Official Rules of Ultimate from USA Ultimate.

Playing Field: The standard indoor fields will be divided into rectangular thirds measuring approximately 17 meters by 28 meters with the end zones being 4 meters deep (around 5 paces). There should be 2 metres of space given in between each field (no sharing sidelines). Fields may be modified to fit available space.

Game Format: We will be playing Co-ed Ultimate with the standard gender ratio being a 2:2 open-to-female ratio.

After a point is scored, the disc is placed at the spot in the endzone where the point was caught. The team that was scored on is now on offense. The offensive players have 20 seconds to establish a stationary position anywhere on the field (akin to what happens with a timeout). Once the offense has set (within 20 seconds), the defense has 10 seconds to set and check the disc in for play to re-start. 

Stall Count: We will play stall counts to 8.

Game Length: All games will be scheduled for 55 minutes running time. There is no limit to the number of points scored during a game. There will be a hard time cap at 55 minutes (games can end mid-point); there can be tie games in the regular season. 

Half time takes place after the 30 minute mark and lasts 2 minutes. Captains may agree not to have a half time.

In the playoffs, if a game is tied when time expires continue playing out the point until one team scores.

Timeouts: Teams have the right to 2 x 60 second timeouts per game. No timeouts may be called in the last five minutes of play. Both captains must notify their players that it is the last five minutes.

Defense: Zone defense is allowed.

Starting and Re-Starting a Game: There will be a pull to start the game/half only. The 'brick' mark for our 4-on-4 field will be 4 meters from the end-zone.

Substitutions: 4-on-4 rules dictate that you may only sub in between points (no subbing on the fly); or due to an injury.

Footblocks: Footblocks are not allowed during games. Captains have the right to agree to use footblocks before each game.

League and Playoff Participation: See the League & Playoff Participation Rules.