League and Playoff Participation Policy

1. League Participation Rules

  1. TUC offers programming for varying age groups. Age groups are Youth (9-13), Junior (14-18), and Adult players (18+). Junior players who are 16 years of age or older may join adult league teams provided they are accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult who is playing on the same team. Adult players qualify to play for any Masters offerings if they are 33 years of age and older (men) or 30 years of age and older (women) within the membership year.
  2. Players may not be listed as a regular player on another roster within the same league.

2. League Playoff Participation Rules

  1. Playoff participants MUST be a registered TUC member in good standing.
  2. Be added to the team roster no later than the league roster deadline
    1. Summer League – 2 weeks prior to the start of playoffs
    2. All Other Leagues - 1 week prior to start of playoffs
    3. In the absence of a defined roster deadline (ie. indoor leagues) the player must be added no later than one week prior to playoffs beginning
  3. Play a league minimum amount of regular season games as follows: 
11-15 4 games minimum
7-10 3 games minimum
2-6 2 games minimum

   d. Participants may not participate on more than 1 team in the playoffs      for the same league, they may only participate on 1 playoff team as a regular player, or as a qualified substitute who is not already participating in the playoffs for the same league. This includes multiple divisions in the same league.

   e. Subs: be a qualified substitute player, as identified below in the Substitution Rules:

3. Playoff Substitution Rules

  1. Indoor Leagues & Outdoor Leagues Excluding Summer Playoffs
  1. Any playoff substitute player MUST be a registered TUC member in good standing.
  2. Substitute players must be declared to the opposing captain and agreed upon by the opposing captain. The opposing captain has the right to refuse the player declared if they feel this player is a significant upgrade from the one being replaced. For this reason, we encourage captains to recruit substitute players from lower level teams or leagues in that season. Also for the sake of avoiding conflict, we encourage captains to declare subs as soon as possible to the opposing captain and not right before the game.
  3. Substitute players for any HAT LEAGUE must be players from within that specific league. For all other leagues substitute players must be registered TUC members in good standing and must have fulfilled the league minimum amount of regular season games, per above.
  4. A team may field up to two full lines worth of players, but the number of substitute players may not exceed the number of rostered players participating in the game.
  1. Summer Playoffs

Summer Playoffs are a unique and large event and therefore require their own set of rules. Here is the Summer Playoff Sub Policy.

4. Disciplinary Action

  1. In order to enforce these conditions and foster fair play, we partly rely on the honour system and on our team captains. Please abide by the Spirit of the Game when dealing with this (and any other game) issue. Remember, free-riding on the backs of registered TUC members is unfair and thus contravenes the Spirit of the Game.
  2. If a team captain refuses a substitute player (according to the above rules), however the opposing captain chooses to play that players anyways, the game should be reported immediately to TUC and could be forfeited.
  3. If a team captain does not properly declare his/her players and/or violates the rule above, opposing captains can file a complaint to the TUC administration within 48 hours of the game where the violation took place. If the complaint is valid, the results of all games played with invalid player(s) are disqualified. Individuals/teams committing repeat offences or blatant violations are subject to additional sanctions at the discretion of the TUC GM.

Revised: December 14th, 2017