Outdoor Speedpoint Rules

These rules apply only to our Spring and Fall Outdoor Speedpoint leagues.

  1. USAU 2024-2025 Official Rules of Ultimate and TUC Summer Rules will apply except for the following amendments. Remember, Spirit of the Game! Please take extra precautions to avoid contact in every way possible.
  2. Stall counts are to 8 NOT 10.
  3. NEW: Discussions regarding contested calls should be limited to no more than 30 seconds.  If consensus between both parties is not achieved, then the disc will automatically return to the player who most recently had undisputed possession of the disc.  This rule has been enacted to help ensure disputes are dealt with in a timely fashion, and to prevent teams from purposely delaying the game.
  4. Footblocks are not allowed, unless specifically agreed upon by the captains before the start of the game.
  5. Scheduled game times include warm up. Halftime is mandatory to ensure teams switch ends of the field, but it is at the captains discretion whether to actually stop for a brief break (no more than 3 minutes for halftime) or continue playing. The end of a game is determined by time, not by the score. Games can end even if the score is tied. Captains are responsible for setting the start and finish times - play with Spirit! When the scheduled game time ends, stop playing immediately. As a courtesy to teams that play after you, please leave the field promptly. There is absolutely no "Ultimate Time" in speedpoint! Captains from the next time slot (if applicable) are allowed to cap the game at its designated finish time, regardless of the score or remaining time on the clock.
  6. There is no pull after a point. When a team scores, the receiving player acknowledges that they have scored a goal and the disc is immediately placed on the ground. The offensive team has 8 seconds to take possession of the disc. Per UPA 11 edition the offensive team has the choice to play the disc where it lies (tap in disc and it is live) or walk the disc up to the front of the goal line, straight ahead from where the disc was scored. The offense must put it into play on the goal line within 8 seconds of picking the disc up, at which point the stall count begins.
  7. a) Any time that possession of the disc changes hands anywhere on or immediately adjacent to the playing field, whether from a turnover or after the opposition scores, a member of the team becoming offense must put the disc into play within 8 seconds after it comes to rest. After 8 seconds elapse, a defensive player within three meters of the disc may announce "disc in" and then initiate and continue the stall count, but only if a defensive player has given audible warnings of eight and four seconds.
    b) If the disc comes to rest in an area where it is not reasonably retrievable within 8 seconds (e.g. on an adjacent field, under a bleacher), the player retrieving it must put it into play within 16 seconds. After 16 seconds elapse, a defensive player within three meters of where the disc will be put into play may announce "disc in" and then initiate and continue the stall count, but only if a defensive player has given audible warnings of sixteen, eight and four seconds.
    c) If the disc is not reasonably retrievable within 16 seconds, the player retrieving it may request another disc and any delay or pre-stall count is suspended until the offensive player receives the new disc.
    d) If an offensive player unnecessarily delays putting the disc into play (i.e. is within 3 metres of the disc and is taking their time to pick it up) and the defensive player within 3 metres of the disc may issue a delay of game warning instead of calling a violation. After announcing “delay of game”, the marker must give the offense 4 seconds to react to the warning, and then announce “disc in” before initiating the stall count.
  8. Players substitute on the fly. The designated "substitution" area for each team is at the midline of the field, extending 5 metres each way from the exact midline. Every player entering the field must "high five" the outgoing player on the sideline before entering the field. This obviously does not apply during injury substitutions. On the fly substitutions make it difficult to change the gender ratio without temporary mismatches; in these cases (which captains should discuss before the game), teams should do their best to make a matching substitution as soon as reasonably possible. Substitute with Spirit! Captains discuss if there are issues.
  9. Out-of bounds is the same for any outdoor game. A turnover results and the play starts on the playing field proper, closest to the point where the disc went out of bounds (that is, on the goal line or sideline).
  10. The end zone and field length is the same size/setup as summer league.
  11. If a disc is thrown or rolls out the back or side of the end zone, it is to be put into play at the front of the end zone, straight ahead of where it left the end zone. When the disc remains in the end zone after a turnover, it also is to be put into play at the front of the end zone, straight ahead of where it rests.
  12. At the beginning of a game and the mandatory second half, both teams line up at the FRONT of the end zone for the initial pull. For indoor leagues we do the back of the end zone for the pull, but because this is full field we do front of the end zone just like summer league.
  13. If the pull lands out of bounds, it may be played at either: (a) the point on the sideline where it crossed; (b) the receiving team may call middle, in which case, it is put into play in the middle of the field; or (c) the 'brick' rule applies as well.
  14. Each team has 2 timeouts per game. Teams may also stop play to explain rules to newer players. Timeouts cannot be called in the last 5 minutes of the game; doing so results in a turnover.
  15. There is a lateness penalty. A team that is NOT ready to play 5 minutes after the scheduled start time may be assessed a penalty of one point per minute until 15 points, at which time the game is forfeited. The penalty may be enforced at the discretion of the team that is ready to play.
  16. Both captains must report game score and spirit score each week using the online scoring system.
  17. To foster a fun competitive league, cheers are encouraged after a game. Remember SOTG (Spirit of the Game)!


If a player is unable to make a game, a substitute of same or lesser skill may be used as a replacement. Please inform your captain so that they may make arrangements. Substitutes MUST be current registered members of TUC. For the playoffs opposing captains must be informed of substitute players and may refuse if the substitute is a stronger player than the one absent (see playoff rules below).

League & Playoff Participation

See the League & Playoff Participation Rules.


Metal cleats are not allowed under any circumstances. Plastic/rubber cleats are allowed by TUC on the following fields: Cherry Beach, Crescent School (Innes Field), Downsview Park (outdoor turf fields), Lamport Stadium, Monarch Park Stadium, Upper Canada College. (Not all fields may be in use in any given season.) When in doubt or where the policy does not clearly indicate, TUC policy is no cleats.