Spring & Summer Info 2010

Spring League Registration Update April 12:

Women's spots are still available on Tuesday and Thursday nights - leagues begin the week of April 13-15.

TUC Membership 2010

All players in TUC leagues must first be a valid member of TUC, as our Club is a true not-for-profit organization driven by its membership. The new TUC membership year begins April 1, 2010 and runs through to March 31, 2011. Therefore, in order to play in Spring or Summer Leagues in 2010 you must renew your membership or signup for a new one. Then you complete your league fees. If you registered for a membership in the Fall (2009) or Winter (2010) those memberships were pro-rated and do not cover the new membership year. So first and foremost, register for your TUC 2010/2011 membership! Visit our Membership Information page for more details.

Spring League 2010

Spring League information is posted on our Spring Leagues page. Registration is now closed. Spring Leagues are shorter (5 weeks) as they are a tune-up for the summer season which is 16 weeks long.

Summer League

Summer League information is now posted on our Summer League General Info page and our Summer League Registration page.

Summer team registration is now first-come first-serve and open to all; spots are confirmed with online registration AND PAYMENT. If there are other teams that register and pay before you, we cannot make any promises to you as to when your team would play (although we will do our best). If you register, but do not pay your team fee, the same restrictions apply.

Team fees for Summer League will be $850 per team and individual fees (for those who want to register as a solo player on a hat team) are $65 per person. The cost for a game on a per-player basis for the summer is an average of $4 per person. Summer season is 15 guaranteed games, co-ed 7-on-7, games to 17, full field.

The Captain’s meeting will again be held Wednesday May 19, at Whistler's Grille, 7pm - 9pm. This meeting is for ALL weeknight teams. Each team captain MUST attend the meeting or send a team rep. Any team who does not send a representative will be penalized — expect the majority of your games to be on lesser desired fields if you do not attend the captains meeting!