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Cherry Beach (CHB)

275 Unwin Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Driving Directions

From the north, take DVP south to Don Roadway, turn right (west) on Villiers or Commissioners, then left (south) on Cherry St.

From the west, exit from the Gardiner to the Lakeshore at Jarvis, and turn right onto Cherry St.

Note that the Cherry Beach bridge is one lane only in the summer of 2014. Allow a little extra time to get through.

Turn left from Cherry St. onto Unwin and the fields will be on your right.

Parking Details

There is a paved parking lot upon entering the fields. Alternatively parking is available in the Cherry Beach East Parking Lot at the very end of Cherry Street. Walk east on the Martin Goodman Trail form this parking to the fields. There is no parking on Regatta Rd. Parking along Unwin Ave is an option if the parking lot is full, but the city has been known to give out tickets on Unwin (even in the absence of signage) so be warned. 

Transit Directions

From Union or Pape Station take the 72A bus to Cherry St. and Commissioners St., then walk 1.6 km to the field (follow driving directions). Display a disc conspicuously while walking along the road, in the hope that a fellow TUC member will stop and offer you a lift.

Biking Directions

Martin Goodman Trail, between Cherry beach and Regatta Road.


The City of Toronto states that there are porta-potties on site at the fields.

Special Instructions

If you are the last group on the Cherry Beach fields (i.e. late time slot), be wary of the lights going off! The lights are on timers and if they go off (usually at 11pm) the parkspace is very dark. Please end your game on time and get to your vehicles safely!

Fields are to be setup in a north-south fashion, with the middle of the field as the dividing line between two TUC games (usual TUC field setup).

Please note that food of any kind, gum, or sugared drinks are not permitted on turf fields (to protect the field surface). Water only! Therefore no granola bars, sunflower seeds, gel packs, energy drinks, fruit, nuts, etc. on the field! Also, dogs and bikes are not permitted on the turf. Please leave the dogs at home and please lock up your bikes off of the field. If you violate these rules you are seriously jeopardizing TUC permits!!! Teams and/or players found to be jeopardizing TUC permits are subject to sanctions and/or expulsion from the Club. We ask all TUC membes to politely police the field if you see anyone violating these rules during TUC games. Thank you!

Non-metal cleats are permitted on these fields.