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Fall Indoor - Wednesday TUC Parity League @ Monarch Park - Women's Registration

The TUC Parity League is played like a regular 6-on-6 indoor game (3:3 gender ratio) with all the same indoor rules, except it incorporates individual statistical tracking, balanced team competition, and social mayhem! Imagine Fantasy Football only you are actually playing! Player stats (e.g. goals, assists, D's, turnovers) for each game are tracked, and these stats (along with game scores) are submitted weekly. Player values rise and drop based on their statistics. GM's can trade players throughout the season and are essentially forced to do so in order to stay under league-imposed 'salary caps'. The end result is more balanced games and even more social variety than a typical HAT league... plus individual Stat leader awards! Registration is by individual only; this season there will be no co-player requests (but note that signing up with a female player can improve registration odds, but does not guarantee you will play with that player). If you would like to play with someone all season, you must be a GM and draft/trade for them! There will be a spot during registration where you can indicate if you are interested in being a GM for this season. This season's GM's will receive 30 volunteer points... but that's not why you do it! GM's, the player draft, league theme, salary cap changes, and anything else we come up with will be announced closer to the league start date.

Event Type
Individuals for Leagues
Women Cap
Not allowed
Registration Opens
Aug 24, 2018 10:55AM
Registration Closes
Nov 25, 2018 11:59PM

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