2008 Summer Experience Tournament

Event date: 
Saturday, June 14, 2008 - 00:00 to Wednesday, October 4, 2023 - 09:38

Thanks to those who participated in the tournament. The majority of the tournament enjoyed sun and blue skies and we hope that everyone had a great time. Unfortunately, we were hit with rain/lightening/hail on Sunday afternoon and were forced to cut the tournament short. Since the final games could not be played, we are unable to declare a winner or complete any rankings. However, it should be known that since 4D won the 2007 Summer Experience, they will continue to be the defending TUC division champs in the next one! (You’re welcome Shawn!)

Lost and found…we have a number of items that were picked up after the mad dash for cover. If your team has not picked it up, we may have recovered it. Please feel free to post in the BBS or send an email to events@tuc.org with a description of your lost item. Note that these items are building up a strong smell in the office after all that rain. We will continue to hold onto these items for as long as we can tolerate the stench.

Thanks to Ed Kung, Chee Chan, Jaleel Paje and Ian Brooks for providing their photos.

You could be eligible for volunteer points for your pics. The volunteer points can be exchanged for swag from the TUC Shop. (Yay, free stuff!) Just email events@tuc.org with the pics or a link.

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