2014 Summer Experience Tournament

The 2014 Summer Experience is our first big 2 day outdoor tournament for the year. Open to all teams, TUC or non-TUC, the Summer Experience competitive division is going to be a great event for all those new and old touring teams prepping for the home nationals this year in Waterloo.

The Intermediate/Recreational division will up for grabs again this year as we see a who's who of TUC league teams signing up. Will your team be one of them?

Event Details

  • Dates: June 7 & 8
  • Location: Sunnybrook Park
  • Format: 7-on-7 co-ed
  • Level of Play: Recreational - Intermediate - Competitive
  • Cost: $285 per TUC team, $350 per non TUC team, $30 per individual (open to TUC and non TUC members)
  • Registration: TUC Teams - Non TUC Teams - Individuals.
  • Contact: events@tuc.org

Full game footage of the 2013 Ronin vs NoBS Comp final can be veiwed here.

Courtesy Ian Brooks

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