This information is for the 2014 Zodiac. The 2015 Zodiac is scheduled to take place in Rochester and will be run through the GRADA web site. It's far too early to start thinking about the 2016 Zodiac...

What's Going On?

The fall equinox is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing: time for Zodiac. After a great tournament in Rochester, N.Y. last year (and it is always a great tournament :-), Zodiac returns to Toronto. A truly international celestial ultimate event.

For those of you unfamiliar with Zodiac, it is a 2-day, very spirited, co-ed (4/3) twelve-team hat tournament. Each player signs up as an individual and is put on a team with fellow players of the same zodiac sign. The tournament was the brainchild (and hard work!) of Toronto's celestial gurus Bob Anglin and Brian Parkinson. After the 3rd year in Toronto, it was decided to make the tournament a truly international affair by alternating the locale between Toronto and Rochester. Although Bob and Brian are no longer with the tournament, their spirit lives on!

Zodiac attracts a mixture of all levels of players from experienced touring players to new recreational level players. Although the team you are on was determined long ago by fate, it is only through your own free will (and a small amount of money) that you will become part of this unique celestial event. You don't want to miss out on all the fun!!!

All the information you need is available (or soon will be) on this page and the handbook page, which you can print out.

For any questions not answered here, please feel free to email me at ZodiacTourney@gmail.com.

Stéphane Levac, TD

When Where How Who Why

When? September 20-21, 2014.

Where? Sunnybrook Park in Toronto, ON. Sunnybrook Park has some of the best fields in Toronto, hosting soccer, cricket, field hockey and of course Ultimate.

How much? TBD. The fee includes a dri-fit shirt, food (the usual Ultimate fare on Saturday and Sunday - bagel, fruit and lots of water, and a scrumptious buffet after the games on Saturday), a total of six two hour games (or to 17, whichever comes first) on the best fields in Toronto and a KICK-ASS party Saturday night.

Who? Everyone is welcome - this is a Spirit tournament, and the emphasis is on having a blast and playing Ultimate. The key is the mix of players - the format ensures that you'll meet a bunch of new people, and there is a great range of skills.

As for the 'Why', well, join us and find out!

How Do I Register?

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