Zodiac Handbook

This information is for the 2014 Zodiac. The 2015 Zodiac is scheduled to take place in Rochester and will be run through the GRADA web site. It's far too early to start thinking about the 2016 Zodiac...

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Late Breaking News

2014/08/26: Hotel information now updated.

2014/08/14: Registration now open. General Information page has been updated.


Each member of the winning team will receive a Special Edition 2014 Zodiac disc. Only 14 discs will be pressed, each one going to the winning team.



Food & Drink

Breakfast: Will be supplied both Saturday and Sunday. Standard bagel/fruit fare (banana/orange/apple), with some other stuff (Nutella, jam, cream cheese and OJ). There will NOT be any coffee.

Lunch: No lunch will be supplied either day.

Dinner: Saturday night dinner IS included. In the past, we have had excellent meals including a meat option, a vegetarian option, gluten free option, multiple salads, etc. More details once a menu has been selected.

Please note

We are NOT providing plates or cutlery with breakfast or dinner. You will have to provide your own eating implements. Please, NO paper plates! We are trying to be environmentally friendly. We will have wash bins and water to rinse your plates (or discs).

Directions & Lodging

Hotel Info

Full information may be found here.


The tournament happens at Sunnybrook Park. Note that there is an updated field layout diagram for this event.

The Rules

Some things to know about the tournament:

  • This tourney is all about karma, and so Spirit of the Game is the most important part.
  • If you are not registered, don't expect to be able to show up and play.
  • We are aiming for a 8:6 ratio of boys and girls. In past years, it was 9:7 but not all teams filled out.
  • We will be supplying breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • On Saturday after the games, we will have a buffet at the fields.
  • Please note that we will not be supplying lunch on either day.
  • Be considerate to any other sport being played!
  • We will be supplying water at the fields.
  • Cheers after every game are expected. Sunday seems like a good day for slag cheers, no?
  • There will be on-field physiotherapy.
  • The major expenditures are the fields, the shirts, and the food. Any leftover cash will go to charity.
  • We will have discs for sale. Price to be confirmed.
  • Car pool if you can.
  • Clean up your mess.
  • Please use the recycling boxes provided to dispose of your recyclables.
  • Respect games being played on other fields.
  • Please! No glass bottles at the fields.
  • No unleashed dogs!
  • It is the end of summer in Toronto, and so we might get some rain. It might also be a tad chilly. So bring an umbrella and/or windbreaker, and pray for sun.
  • Be sure to check the web site closer to the tournament for any late breaking info.
  • There has been some talk about the boy/girl ratio - specifically a few women have mentioned that with a lot of girls on a team, playing time will be less than the boys. So, again, we are adopting the rule that the receiving team can pick the ratio, and it can be any ratio the other team can handle. If both teams have enough women, then play an all-girl point, if that's what you fancy. Probably a lot of 4:3 and 3:4. This will be managed by the team captains, but this flexibility will allow everyone to get a fair amount of playing time.

A couple of things we want to highlight:

  • NO glass bottles at the fields.
  • Cheering is expected, nay demanded
  • We will have discs and extra shirts for sale!
  • A big THANK YOU to all of the captains


In order for this to run smoothly, we need to be prompt, so please note that all times listed are actual times; we're not on Ultimate time!

We will be starting festivities at 9:15 Saturday morning, which gives enough time to get the teams organized, get shirts out, have a coffee (if you brought one) and a bit of food, and warm up. We have a fair bit of administration (making sure that almost 168 players find their teams), so it will help if everyone gets to the fields early enough to make this happen.

The first games on Saturday and Sunday are at 10:00 sharp.

Each time slot is 2 hours and games are to 17. There should be plenty of time to play a full game in the 2 hour time slot, but otherwise there is a cap 5 minutes before the end of the time slot. When the cap time is reached, play out the current point. Then:

  1. If the teams are within 1 point of each other, play to the higher score plus one
  2. If the teams are tied, next point wins
  3. If one team is up by two or more, the game is over

Please be quick if you are playing under a time cap, as we'd like to keep each field running under the listed schedule.

Saturday is pool play - everyone plays three games.

After the games on Saturday, we'll rank the teams and you'll be able to find out the start time for Sunday. Enjoy the buffet (start time 4:30PM) and music.

The schedule (when listed) is subject to change, so please be sure to get to the fields at 9:00 Saturday morning to check in with Disc Central - grab a bagel, find your captain, get your shirt, and all will be well.

The time slots are 10:00-12:00, 12:00-2:00 and 2:00-4:00. The fields are named after the essential elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Chocolate and Beer).

Schedule: Will be posted the week of the tourney.


We need to have captains for each team. The responsibility of this person is to be the focal point when teams are assembling on the Saturday, and to bring the scores and Star Sign questionnaires for each of the three Saturday games to Disc Central (thus, bring a pen).

If you'd like to be a captain, please email ZodiacTourney@gmail.com. Thanks.

Field Layout

  • Disc central will be between field 6 and the parking lot.
  • Physio will be somewhere close by. Check with Disc central.

Zodiac field layout diagram