2004 Zodiac

Championship game synopsis: Capricorn vs Libra

After being down 8-1 to Capricorn, Libra went on to score the next 8 points to take the half 9-8. Libra also scored the first point after the half. (After this, I'm not sure what happened - a TD's work is never done and I started cleaning up ;-). The final score was Libra 17, Capricorn 15. A very entertaining final!

Sun Pool games on Sunday (upper tier)
Game 1 Libra 17 Aquarius 11
  Capricorn 17 Gemini 15
  Cancer 17 Scorpio 11
  Pisces 17 Aries 10
Game 2 Libra 14 Cancer 13
  Capricorn 17 Aries 15
  Aquarius 17 Gemini 9
  Scorpio 14 Aries 11
Game 3 Libra 17 Capricorn 15
  Cancer 11 Pisces 8
  Aquarius 9 Aries 1
  Scorpio 7 Gemini 6
Moon Pool games on Sunday (lower tier)
Game 1 Taurus 17 Leo 10
  Sagittarius Virgo
Game 2 Taurus 17 Sagittarius 12
  Leo Virgo
Game 3 Taurus 9 Virgo 4
  Sagittarius Leo

Final standings

  1. Libra (pure)
  2. Capricorn
  3. Cancer
  4. Pisces
  5. tie: Aquarius (pure)/Scorpio (pure)
  7. tie: Gemini/Aries
  9. Taurus (pure)
  10. tie: Virgo (pure)/Sagittarius
  12. Leo (pure)


Dion (Libra): Some pictures were taken by my wife's camera and they can be found here


A couple of Taurus Sunday slag cheers courtesy of Warren Tang

Taurus v. Virgo

(tune of Ave Maria)
Virgo the virgin
You really wanted to win

Virgo the flowered
You met the bull and were devoured

It's not that your throws were ineffective
Your guys, while attractive, were slightly defective
Your girls, who normally never fade
Thought too much of how to get laid.

Virgo the lonely,
You'll find a love eventually.

Taurus v. Leo

(tune of Eleanor Rigby, Beatles)
We look at all the Frisbee people
We see that it's the hairy leos

Leo the lion
Roaring about, but lays out where the ground's really rough Reality's tough

Leo the lion
Showing their pride, big long strides, puts the disc in the air But who is that there?

Taurus, Taurus, Taurus
Where did you all come from?
You wish you could ignore us
The bulls have all the fun

Aquarius to Pisces

(tune of Copa Cabana)
You are the Pisces,
you played so nicely,
Your hucks were thrills you ate our swill and you really did the drill
We're water bearers
and also swear-ers
Playing the Pisces is all very nice but in the end we,
We'd rather win...

Aquarius to Libra (Sunday slagging)

(Our finest)
It took you three years
to finally beat us.
Your team is SO NOT HOT

We shagged your mothers,
Significant others
And they're NOT SO HOT

You were at the party
We were at the party

We're HOT
You're NOT
We're HOT
You're NOT

We will be drinking
While you're still stinking
That was NOT SO HOT

While you are losing
We will be boozing

[o lay o lay]
You're lame you're lame, you're f***ing lame,
You're lame you're lame, you're f***ing lame...


Name Gender Date Registered Actual Sign
Judy Lombard-Newell Female 24/08/2004 Aquarius
Lauren Lieberman Female 25/08/2004 Aquarius
Cynthia Dell Female 25/08/2004 Aquarius
Rhiannon Casale Female 25/08/2004 Aquarius
Diane Pendlebury Female 26/08/2004 Aquarius
Jen Miller Female 27/08/2004 Aquarius
Lisa Mazurkewich Female 27/08/2004 Aquarius
Mehmet Karman Male 25/08/2004 Aquarius
Kevin Chong Male 26/08/2004 Aquarius
Stephane Levac Male 26/08/2004 Aquarius
Chris Chapman Male 26/08/2004 Aquarius
Bill Boyer Male 27/08/2004 Aquarius
Mike Shaver Male 27/08/2004 Aquarius
Galen Midwinter Male 28/08/2004 Aquarius
Kirk Brown Male 31/08/2004 Aquarius
Jason Pedlar Male 08/09/2004 Aquarius
Erin Simmons Female 26/08/2004 Aries
Erin Kennedy Female 26/08/2004 Aries
Julie Kramer Female 26/08/2004 Aries
Bonnie Lee Female 30/08/2004 Aries
Annabelle Leung Female 31/08/2004 Aries
James Guentner Male 24/08/2004 Aries
Mathew Wilson Male 26/08/2004 Aries
Owen Clarke Male 26/08/2004 Aries
Scott Syme Male 26/08/2004 Aries
Nathan Kenny Male 30/08/2004 Aries
Mark Williams Male 30/08/2004 Aries
Aaron Pollet Male 30/08/2004 Aries
Sunjay Nath Male 31/08/2004 Aries
Jordan Winestock Male 18/09/2004 Aquarius
Lisa Reyes Female 25/08/2004 Cancer
Susan Tsin Female 03/09/2004 Cancer
Jill Boles Female 03/09/2004 Gemini
Shiovean Woods Female 23/09/2004 Taurus
Nancy Shea Female 12/09/2004 Leo
Dave Lapensee Male 26/08/2004 Cancer
Mark Wong Male 26/08/2004 Cancer
Will Mercer Male 26/08/2004 Cancer
John Hurlbut Male 26/08/2004 Cancer
Tony Charbonneau Male 27/08/2004 Cancer
Mark Schindler Male 27/08/2004 Cancer
Wes Rupel Male 28/08/2004 Cancer
Jenning Seto Male 30/08/2004 Cancer
Brant Carson Male 30/08/2004 Cancer
Heather Rayner Female 26/08/2004 Capricorn
Linda Valenta Female 08/09/2004 Capricorn
Mary Fong Female 08/09/2004 Capricorn
Kaitlyn Lovatt Female 10/09/2004 Capricorn
Grace Vaccarelli Female 23/09/2004 Capricorn
Terhi Anttila Female 23/09/2004 Capricorn
Michaela McKeown Female 31/08/2004 Scorpio
Mark Landry Male 30/08/2004 Capricorn
Mark McNally Male 31/08/2004 Capricorn
Ted Hepner Male 03/09/2004 Capricorn
Roger Horvath Male 08/09/2004 Capricorn
Robert Ng Male 20/09/2004 Capricorn
Dan Norman Male 31/08/2004 Virgo
Sheldon Tenenbaum Male 17/09/2004 Libra
Gerry Marsico Male 12/09/2004 Pisces
Clark McKeown Male 07/09/2004 Cancer
Lisa Dowling Female 26/08/2004 Gemini
Leya Duigu Female 26/08/2004 Gemini
Jane Logan Female 26/08/2004 Gemini
Barb Elliott Female 27/08/2004 Gemini
Shauna Taylor Female 30/08/2004 Gemini
Caroline Choi Female 31/08/2004 Gemini
Debbi Ragogna Female 01/09/2004 Gemini
Cameron Jones Male 24/08/2004 Gemini
Justin Katz Male 24/08/2004 Gemini
Robert Botman Male 26/08/2004 Gemini
Aaron Dauphinee Male 26/08/2004 Gemini
John Newell Male 28/08/2004 Gemini
Tim Cowan Male 29/08/2004 Gemini
David Hadaller Male 05/09/2004 Gemini
Kaoru Kumabe Male 14/09/2004 Taurus
Andrew Hunter Male 30/08/2004 Pisces
Tanya Beiswenger Female 24/08/2004 Leo
Lynne Boucher Female 24/08/2004 Leo
Christie Hall Female 26/08/2004 Leo
Heather Levchuk Female 26/08/2004 Leo
Andrea Allen Female 26/08/2004 Leo
Hilda AhChong Female 31/08/2004 Leo
Kristine Heckman Female 18/09/2004 Leo
Andrew Milne Male 26/08/2004 Leo
Troy Neave Male 26/08/2004 Leo
Rahil Suleman Male 27/08/2004 Leo
Gene Rogers Male 30/08/2004 Leo
Doug Coote Male 30/08/2004 Leo
Eli Fidler Male 30/08/2004 Leo
Christopher Day Male 30/08/2004 Leo
Adrian Kao Male 31/08/2004 Leo
Dooley Maring Female 24/08/2004 Libra
Tracy Smith Female 25/08/2004 Libra
Tracy Docheff Female 26/08/2004 Libra
Melodie Lumague Female 26/08/2004 Libra
Michelle Downie Female 27/08/2004 Libra
Catherine Lee Female 28/08/2004 Libra
Jen Hawkins Female 31/08/2004 Libra
Timothy Grumley Male 24/08/2004 Libra
James Howard Male 24/08/2004 Libra
Johs Copp Male 24/08/2004 Libra
Christian Hajok Male 26/08/2004 Libra
Edwin Wong Male 26/08/2004 Libra
Dan Vranesic Male 26/08/2004 Libra
Robert Ho Male 26/08/2004 Libra
Dion Lew Male 26/08/2004 Libra
Mike Lane Male 26/08/2004 Libra
Tracy Peeters Female 24/08/2004 Pisces
Nicole Hunter Female 26/08/2004 Pisces
Yoan Rizelia Female 26/08/2004 Pisces
Heidi Clark Female 30/08/2004 Pisces
Stuart Zak Male 24/08/2004 Pisces
Doug Singer Male 24/08/2004 Pisces
Jeremy Wilson Male 24/08/2004 Pisces
Takanori Furuta Male 25/08/2004 Pisces
Kelly Rodger Male 26/08/2004 Pisces
Joshua Bates Male 26/08/2004 Pisces
Greg Schmidt Male 26/08/2004 Pisces
Mathew Harder Male 26/08/2004 Pisces
Kirk Kelsey Male 28/08/2004 Pisces
Lisa Belanger Female 26/08/2004 Sagittarius
Amber Pollett Female 26/08/2004 Sagittarius
Ellen Stormer Female 28/08/2004 Sagittarius
Holly Witteman Female 30/08/2004 Sagittarius
Karen Clark Female 31/08/2004 Sagittarius
Stephanie Kaman Female 01/09/2004 Scorpio
William Gann Male 24/08/2004 Sagittarius
Jon Rayner Male 26/08/2004 Sagittarius
Robert Scheifele Male 26/08/2004 Sagittarius
David Ng Male 26/08/2004 Sagittarius
Vince Chui Male 30/08/2004 Sagittarius
Bill Hendrickson Male 01/09/2004 Sagittarius
Rob Wendolowski Male 06/09/2004 Sagittarius
Aron Wallaker Male 31/08/2004 Cancer
Alex Peters Male 26/08/2004 Libra
Helen O'Sullivan Female 26/08/2004 Scorpio
Cassandre Beaton Female 27/08/2004 Scorpio
Carissa Ellis Female 28/08/2004 Scorpio
Janelle Bouchard Female 29/08/2004 Scorpio
Irene McGlashan Female 31/08/2004 Scorpio
Carissa Wong Female 31/08/2004 Scorpio
Kaye Weston Female 03/09/2004 Scorpio
Arthur Tateishi Male 26/08/2004 Scorpio
Hilary Leung Male 26/08/2004 Scorpio
Scot McFadyen Male 26/08/2004 Scorpio
Lionel Cole Male 26/08/2004 Scorpio
Mike Gardiner Male 29/08/2004 Scorpio
Jon Mound Male 31/08/2004 Scorpio
Neil Griffith Male 06/09/2004 Scorpio
Jameson Nicolazzo Male 18/09/2004 Scorpio
Scott O'Donnell Male 20/09/2004 Scorpio
Cheryl Deboer Female 26/08/2004 Taurus
Lisa Breton Female 26/08/2004 Taurus
Karen Lew Female 26/08/2004 Taurus
Christine Tibor Female 26/08/2004 Taurus
Andrea Thompson Female 27/08/2004 Taurus
Terra Renton Female 27/08/2004 Taurus
Trevis Gigliotti Male 26/08/2004 Taurus
John C Harris Male 26/08/2004 Taurus
Dan Nephin Male 26/08/2004 Taurus
Warren Tang Male 26/08/2004 Taurus
Larry Yuan Male 28/08/2004 Taurus
Peeter Leis Male 29/08/2004 Taurus
Rob Fulford Male 31/08/2004 Taurus
Sean Kirby Male 31/08/2004 Taurus
Mark Radman Male 31/08/2004 Taurus
Monica Brockmyre Female 24/08/2004 Virgo
Susan Older Female 25/08/2004 Virgo
Colleen DeVries Female 26/08/2004 Virgo
Lisa Di Diodato Female 01/09/2004 Virgo
Allison Hickey Female 09/09/2004 Virgo
Dan Bell Male 24/08/2004 Virgo
Denis Heng Male 26/08/2004 Virgo
Dean Brown Male 27/08/2004 Virgo
Blue McClellan Male 28/08/2004 Virgo
Steve Slater Male 30/08/2004 Virgo
Kevin Ng Male 30/08/2004 Virgo
Eugene Wong Male 30/08/2004 Virgo
Marc Pawelski Male 31/08/2004 Virgo
Alan Koop Male 31/08/2004 Virgo