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Fall Indoor 2023: Wednesday Parity - Mixed HAT League @ MONARCH | Female Registration

BACK AGAIN THIS SEASON! An open player will be guaranteed a spot in the Parity League if they register with a female-identifying player partner. The female player partner MUST complete their own registration and payment between 10:00 am September 19th and 10:00 am September 21st. (The open player may forfeit their spot in the league if the female-identifying player partner pulls out of the league ahead of the start date (legitimate reasoning for withdrawal may be subject to review).
For FALL 2023, the TUC Parity League will be a 6-on-6 format (3:3 gender ratio). The Parity League follows all indoor 6-on-6 rules, except it incorporates individual statistical tracking, balanced team competition, and social mayhem! Imagine Fantasy Football; only you are actually playing! For each game, player stats (e.g. goals, assists, D's, turnovers) are tracked, and these stats (along with game scores) are submitted weekly. Player values rise and drop based on their statistics. GMs can trade players throughout the season and are essentially forced to do so to stay under the league-imposed 'salary caps.' The end result is more balanced games and even more social variety than a typical HAT league... plus individual Stat leader awards! Registration is by individual only; this season, there will be no co-player requests (signing up with a new female player can improve Open Lottery odds, but it does not guarantee that you will play together). If you would like to play with someone all season, you must be a GM and draft/trade for them! During registration, there will be a spot to indicate if you are interested in being a GM for this season. GM's, the player draft, league theme, salary cap changes, and anything else we come up with will be announced closer to the league start date.

How the Weighted Lottery System will work: Open players will have 48 hours to register to play in the Fall Indoor 2023 TUC Parity League (Tuesday, September 19th @ 10:00 am until Thursday, September 21st @ 10:00 am). The league will cost $275 (including tax), but for the Open Lottery, registration will not allow payments (so that you do not have to pay in the event that you do not win a spot in the league; only those that win a place, will be asked to pay). Based on a 10-team league, 18 spaces are held for 3 for league convenors (1 open; 2 female-identifying), 1 stat keeper-organizer (1 open), 10 GMs (5 open and 5 female-identifying), and 4 randomly selected open players that have never played TPL before! That leaves the remaining 122 spots (58 Open and 64 female-identifying) up for grabs. The 58 open spots up for grabs will be 'won' in the Open Lottery. Open Players can improve their chances of getting into the league through various ways (you can see the full details in the TPL section of the Fall Indoor page here). When you register, there will be a questionnaire to tally up how many additional entries you are entitled to (with a cap of 10 total entries). The Open Lottery Draft will be conducted on Thursday, September 21st. Those who are not selected will be put on the Waitlist. Since other Fall Indoor leagues don't open registration until Tuesday, September 26th, @ 10:00 am, those who did not 'win' a spot in the TPL will have a bit of time to choose other TUC leagues to play in the Fall Indoor 2023 season. Good luck, everyone!

Again, the league will cost $275 (including tax), but registering for the Open Lottery is free (online payments are currently disabled). Once players have won a spot through the lottery, they will then be asked to pay for their place in the league.

Please note due to the popularity and nature of the league; there is an expectation that you will be able to attend most games. TUC requests that should your commitment level change (injury, work commitments, etc.), you advise TUC and the Parity League conveners so that someone on the waiting list who can fully commit can take the space.

Divisions: Competitive / Intermediate
Dates: Starts October 18th and finishes January 17th (13 weeks of games; no games December 27th)
Game Times: Games will run from 8:00 - 8:55pm, 9:00 - 9:55pm, 10:00 - 10:55pm
Location: Monarch Park Stadium Indoor (all games)
Cost: Individuals $275 ($243.36 + HST)
Maximum number of Individuals: 140 Individuals, 70 open roster spots, and 70 female-identifying roster spots (10 total teams)

As at 2 October 2023, we have 54 female-identifying athletes registered, with 16 spots still available.

Event Type
Individuals for Leagues
Level of Play
Monarch Park Stadium Indoor
First Game
Oct 18, 2023
Last Game
Jan 17, 2024
Game Times
8:00PM-8:55PM, 9:00PM-9:55PM, 10:00PM-10:55PM
Ratio Rule
Women Cap
Not allowed
Registration Opens
Sep 19, 2023 10:00AM
Registration Closes
Oct 20, 2023 11:00PM
20 minutes

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