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Fall Outdoor - Monday Co-ed Competitive 7's Speedpoint League @ Lamport - Team Registration

Monday Co-ed Competitive 7's Speedpoint League @ Lamport

This COMPETITIVE LEVEL Outdoor Fall League will run on Monday nights, from September 9 to October 14 (6 weeks). All games are 55 minutes speedpoint 7-on-7 (full field) and are played to time cap. ALL games will be played under the lights at Lamport Stadium! You can sign up as an individual (to be placed on a team) or you can sign up a team.

Format is full 7's Outdoor Speedpoint - here are the Outdoor Speedpoint Rules. Main rules that YOU NEED TO KNOW: stall count to 8 NOT 10, scoring player sets disc in the location they scored and disc is either walked to line or instantly live (defense becomes offense), sub on the fly at mid-field, game ends at time cap!

When substituting, players entering the field must high-five the player they are replacing on the sideline at mid-field.

It is the responsibility of all captains to ensure that all games begin and end on time. When you reach the end time, complete the current point and then please end the game. Games CAN end in a tie. Teams must be completely off the field prior to the start of the next game.

Times: From 9:00pm - 9:55pm, 10:00pm - 10:55pm (55 min games)
Location: Lamport Stadium under lights!
Format: 7-on-7 Speedpoint, Co-ed, Competitive
Cost: Teams $400, Individuals $30 (to be placed on a hat team)
Convenor: TBA, fallmonday@tuc.org

Event Type
Teams for Leagues
Level of Play
Lamport Stadium - Outdoor
First Game
Sep 9, 2013
Last Game
Oct 14, 2013
Game Times
9:00PM-9:55PM, 10:00PM-10:55PM
Ratio Rule
Registration Cap
Not allowed
Registration Opens
Aug 11, 2013 11:59PM
Registration Closes
Sep 5, 2013 11:59PM

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