Spring 4-on-4 Tournament Regulations

With the exception of the special 4-on-4 rules listed below, our tournament rules will be based on the standard 11th edition rules from UPA.

Playing Field: The standard indoor fields will be divided into rectangular thirds measuring approximately 18 meters by 30 meters with the end zones being 3 meters deep. (Fields may be modified to fit available space.)

Game Format: We will be playing Co-Ed Ultimate with the standard gender ratio being 2:2 male to female. At the beginning of each game captain's can agree to play by an alternative ratio of 3:1 either way. If the defensive team has less than four players on the field, the number of male players may not exceed the number of male players on the offensive team.

Stall Count: We will play stall counts to 10.

Game Length: All games will be scheduled for 30 minutes running time. There is no limit to the number of points scored during a game. There will be a hard time cap at 30 minutes; if teams are tied one final point is played out until a score.

Half time takes place after one team scores 9 points or at the 15 minute mark, whichever comes first. Half time lasts 1 minute. Captains can agree not to have a half time.

Timeouts: Teams have the right to one x 1 minute timeout per game. No timeouts may be called in the last five minutes of play. Both captains must notify their players that it is the last five minutes.

Defense: Zone defense is allowed.

Starting and Re-Starting a Game: There will be a pull only to start each half. There is no pull after a point. When a team scores, the receiving player acknowledges that he/she has scored a goal and the disc is immediately placed on the ground (upon scoring, the scorer should endeavour to place the disc on the ground nearest where the point was scored). The offense must put it into play from where it was placed by the scoring team (live disc) and cannot walk the disc up to the front of the goal line. The offensive team has 8 seconds to take possession of the disc. After 8 seconds elapse, a defensive player within three meters of the disc may announce "disc in" and then initiate and continue the stall count, but only if a defensive player has given audible warnings of eight and four seconds (pre-stall)

The 'brick' mark for our 4-on-4 field will be approximately 5 meters from the end-zone.

Substitutions: Players substitute at the end of each point. When the disc is caught in the endzone, the receiving player puts it down and then both teams have 20 seconds to sub. Once both teams are ready, play resumes as if it were coming out of a time out.

Footblocks: Footblocks are not allowed. Captains have the right to agree to use footblocks before each individual game.

Tie-Breakers: If teams are tied with identical records, the following tiebreaker rules will be used to determine the higher seed:

a) A team's win/loss record against the concerned team

b) A team with the greater overall point differential (points for - points against) for all games played

c) A team with the greater number of total points scored in all games played

d) A team with the fewer number of total points scored against in all games played