2005 Year In Review

This area is incomplete. We will be reviewing at a later date to add in more detail. If you have anything you'd like to see added, please contact webmaster@tuc.org.

2005 League Champions Plaque


Tier 1: Hello Kitty!
Tier 2: Tiger Bomb
Tier 3: Litter Rip


Monday League: Mandrew
Tuesday League: Spinning Mules
Wednesday League: Guanxi
Thursday League: FUBAR


Outdoor Mens League: Ninjastars
Outdoor Womens League: Chicks with Discs

Fall Outdoor Sunday Co-ed League Championship

  • A Division: Red October over Persnickity making it 4 years in a row for the A League Champions
  • B Division: ExMen over Koumei Nakamura
  • C Division: Almost Handsome over Guy Lafleur

Fall Indoor Thursday Co-ed League championship

  • Tier 1: Billy over Kids In The Hangar
  • Tier 2: Chilli Billies winners over Just Kidding