2014 Year in Review


Winter Indoor Tournament Champions

Winter Indoor League Champions

  • Sunday Masters: Le Hand Bloc Québécois
  • Intermediate/Recreational Women's: Jamaican Bobsled Team
  • Competitive/Elilte Women's: HP (sauce)
  • Sunday Co-Ed Intermediate/Recreational: Mega Gooch & the Swagger
  • Indoor Monday Co-Ed Competitive/Elite: Wildcard 3.0
  • Tuesday Coed: Panic!
  • Tuesday Men's: The Shepherds
  • Tuesday Co-ed: Steady Bolts
  • Discraft Wednesday Co-ed Parity League: Han SoLoat
  • Wednesday Co-ed: Maple Bacon Crunch
  • Thursday Monarch Park Competitive: Ella Flickgerald
  • Thursday Monarch Park Intermediate: Layout Flickzgerald
  • Thursday Downsview Hangar Competitive: Bait N' Switch
  • Thursday Downsview Hangar Intermediate: Great White STURGEON


Spring Tournament Champions

Spring League Champions

  • Tuesday HAT: Yellow Snow
  • Wednesday: RAINED OUT
  • Thursday Spring: Hammer Bros.


Summer Tournament Champions

Summer League Champions

  • Monday Competitive: Deep
  • Monday Intermediate/Recreational Tier One: Manatees
  • Monday Intermediate/Recreational Tier Two: Blackout
  • Tuesday Intermediate/Recreational Tier One: The Hive
  • Tuesday Intermediate/Recreational Tier Two: Floppy Disc
  • Wednesday Competitive:Redi
  • Wednesday Intermediate/Recreational Tier One: Fluid
  • Wednesday Intermediate/Recreational Tier Two: HFT!
  • Wednesday Intermediate/Recreational Tier Three:Love Handles
  • Thursday Competitive: NoBS
  • Thursday Intermediate/Recreational Tier One: And Boom Goes the Hammer
  • Thursday Intermediate/Recreational Tier Two: Big Butter
  • Thursday Intermediate/Recreational Tier Three: Dumplings and Dories

Fall Outdoor League Champions

  • Sunday Coed: El Guapo - Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
  • Monday Recreational: The Manatees
  • Monday Competitive/Intermediate: More Throws Less Bros
  • Tuesday Intermediate: Wonky
  • Tuesday Recreational: I'm on a Horse
  • Wednesday Recreational:Rubber Everywhere
  • Wednesday Intermediate:Fluid
  • Thursday Competitive/Intermediate:BULLDOGS
  • Thursday Competitive: Trent Steele
  • Thursday Intermediate: Angry Pirates

Fall Indoor League Champions

  • TUC Discraft 2014 Fall Parity League: Harvey Denton
  • Sunday 4x4: Totes McGoats
  • Sunday Masters: Good to the last…
  • Monday Intermediate/Recreational: The Ultimate Warriors
  • Monday Elite: The Avengers
  • Tuesday Intermediate: Frites
  • Wednesday Recreational: 5-star Flick
  • Thursday Monarch Hat: Cuts Like a Knife
  • Thursday Hangar Hat: Hip A Hop, And We Don’t Stop