2008 Year In Review

2008 League Champions Plaque

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Fall Indoor BMO League Championship

Our Fall Indoor BMO Leagues concluded in Winter '08. Here are the winners:

  • Monday Co-Ed: Sofa King: We Taught It
  • Tuesday Men's: Young Punks
  • Tuesday Co-Ed: Big Hammers (Bang Time!)

Winter Indoor League Championships

Here are the 2008 Winter League Champions:

  • Sunday Women's: Diggers

    Courtesy Jaleel Paje
  • Monday Co-ed Eite: Redi
  • Monday Co-Ed Competitive: Release The Hounds

    Courtesy Craig Stephen
  • Monday Co-Ed Intermediate: Allegro

    Courtesy Craig Stephen
  • Tuesday Men's: Mr. Men

    Courtesy Bill Wong
  • Tuesday Co-Ed Intermediate: Ninjastars

    Courtesy Bill Wong
  • Thursday Co-ed Hat Competitive: Udder Threats
  • Thursday Co-ed Hat Intermediate: Beefeater


Spirit Hat

The Spirit Hat tournament is an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of Spirit of the Game (SOTG). Experienced players share their knowledge with less experienced players and all have the chance to demonstrate their spirit in 4-45min games. Spirit rules were employed to increase the opportunities to demonstrate spirit during the tournament. However, players were also encouraged to incorporate their own rules as well. This developed into very fun, hilarious and sometimes challenging games.

A member of each team who demonstrated exceptional spirit was awarded a Steam Whistle hoodie:

  • Team A – Andreas Link
  • Team B – Coby Markus
  • Team C – Inmar Givoni
  • Team D – Aaron Loach
  • Team E – Jeff Chik
  • Team F – Emma Katz

Midseason Classic

The winners of the 2008 Midseason Classic Tournament are as follows:

  • Tier 1: Schlitz & Giggles
  • Tier 2: Charlie Hustle
  • Spirit Winners: Vertigo

August Hat Tournament

The August Hat tournament was held at Riverdale Park East. The day was filled with sunshine and blue skies. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather! At the conclusion of the tournament, an MVP was selected for each team by their peers. They receive Gaia socks and a water bottle, XS energy drinks from Healthzone and an Airborne DVD. Congratulations to the MVPs

  • Natalie Berstein of the Roderdams
  • Amber Ellis of the Buzz Lightyear team
  • Brenda Perras of C Sharp
  • Kenn Balignasay of D Line

Summer League Championship

Congrats to the following teams who were tops on the ladder in the regular season:

  • Monday League: Release the Hounds
  • Tuesday League: Spinning Mules
  • Wednesday League: Guanxi
  • Thursday League: goldFish

Here are your Summer League Playoff Champions:

  • Monday Tier 1: Yoink
  • Monday Tier 2: Chiefs
  • Tuesday Tier 1: Fisheyes
  • Tuesday Tier 2: JIVE
  • Wednesday Tier 1: Redi
  • Wednesday Tier 2: Chunderheads
  • Thursday Tier 1: The Swingers
  • Thursday Tier 2: Thundercats

More photos from playoffs are available on the TUC Facebook page, courtesy of Andrew Gater.

Steam Whistle Spirit of the Game

In 2008, top spirited teams receive prizing courtesy of our friends at Steam Whistle Brewery. Congratulations to the following summer teams who were the winners of a free case of Steam Whistle beer!

Summer League 2008: Weeks 1-5

  • Monday League: Poo
  • Tuesday League: M.o.t.H.
  • Wednesday League: Big Kahunas
  • Thursday League: LC

Summer League 2008: Weeks 6-11

  • Monday League: El Kabong
  • Tuesday League: ELEVEN
  • Wednesday League: Kung Fu Hustle
  • Thursday League: Ultimate Pretzel Benders

Summer League 2008: Weeks 12-16:

  • Monday League: SPIN
  • Tuesday League: The New Guy
  • Wednesday League: IMOD
  • Thursday League: RAID

Scally's Cup All-Star

2008 Scally's Cup Summer All-Stars

  • Competitive: Monday
  • Intermediate: Tuesday


Fall Outdoor League Championship

  • Sunday Fall Co-ed: Abunai

    Courtesy Ed Kung
  • Sunday Fall Co-ed Steam Whistle Spirit Champs: LTB
  • Monday Fall Co-ed Champs: I'm Batman

    Courtesy Ed Kung
  • Monday Fall Men's Champs: Team White

    Courtesy Ed Kung
  • Tuesday Fall Co-ed Champs: Baba Looey

    Courtesy Ed Kung
  • Wednesday Fall Co-ed Champs: Poo

    Courtesy Craig Stephen

Fall Indoor Thursday Championship

  • Competitive Champs: Dags

    Courtesy Ed Kung
  • Intermediate Champs: Sheep Trick

    Courtesy Ed Kung