History of Indoor Ultimate in Toronto

1997 saw the introduction of a new phase in the Toronto Ultimate scene. No longer would we be bound by the whims of the seasons, indoor play had arrived!

Indoor was started by Brian Parkinson, Dan Berman and others, with 12 teams at the Coffee Time Soccer Centre in Vaughan. (See “Indoor Ultimate Cures Winter Blues” front page article of 1998 Pie Plate.) The facility was nicknamed “the barn”, so each year team names were inspired by a different farm animal, a tradition that continues today.

1997/1998 - Pig
1998/1999 - Cow
1999/2000 - Sheep
2000/2001 - Horse
2001/2002 - Chicken

In 2002, shortly before the season was to begin, Coffee Time informed TUC that the regular time slot was no longer available. After a frantic search, GM John Harris was able to find two fields available at the Downsview Hangar, Tuesday nights from 11:00pm-12:30am. A four team men's league was hastily formed.

2002/2003 - Dog

In 2003, field space opened up at the Hangar on Thursday night, and the league offered some men's and co-ed, eventually shifting back to all co-ed. The co-ed league still thrives in the same Thursday 7pm-midnight time slot every winter.

2003/2004 - Rabbit
2004/2005 - Cat
2005/2006 - Goat

In 2006, field costs had escalated and the decision was made to stop printing shirts for this league to keep player costs low. Starting in the fall of 2007, the fall and winter sessions have been given different animal themes.

2006/2007 - Dog
2007/2008 - Pig/Cow
2008/2009 - Lamb/Horse
2009/2010 - Fish/Bird
2010/2011 - Rabbit/Cat
2011/2012 - Chicken/Goat
2012/2013 - Dog/Pig
2013/2014 - Cow/Fish
2014/2015 - Rabbit/Bird

As of fall 2015, this league has moved to a more spacious dome, with better turf and less hockey player smell, behind the Hangar building.

2015/2016 - Sheep/Horse
2016/2017 - Cat/Chicken
2017/2018 - Goat/Fish
2018/2019 - Dog/Pig

With the advent of new indoor facilities in recent years, additional leagues have been added. TUC now boasts indoor leagues on five days of the week, at various facilities around the city, with more options being added every year. Diverse offerings are thriving (co-ed, men's, women's, juniors, masters league, parity league, 4v4). 144 teams participated in TUC leagues in the 2009/2010 indoor season, accounting for over 40% of TUC's net revenue! In 2008 we created the Jim Lim Fall Indoor Leagues Trophy and in 2009 The Derek Sigurdson Winter Indoor League Trophy, to honour all of our many new champions.

In 2012 TUC entered into a new partnership and added Monarch Park Stadium to its growing list of indoor facilities. The number of indoor teams catapulted to over 200! Exciting new leagues were formed, in particularly the TUC Parity League which became an instant hit with the members. TUC Indoor League is no longer a small part of what we do; we are now are truly a year-round Club!

Most of these histories were pieced together in late 2010 from various sources for TUC's 30th Anniversary, and almost certainly include minor inaccuracies or one-sided views. Please send any suggestions for improvements, additions or updates to webmaster@tuc.org.