2016 Volunteers of the Month


Jason Lam is our first volunteer of the month for 2016! "JLam" was a massive help at From Disc Till Dawn 2016, showing up early (or late in this case) at Monarch Park Stadium to help load equipment for the event. Jason then travelled to Lamport Stadium where he helped with set up, stat tracking, score keeping, and take down. Even at the end of a long night Jason helped unload equipment so that the TD's could make it home before noon the next day. Jason is currently playing in our Tuesday Winter Men's League with Jive and spent last summer competing with Grand Trunk, an open touring team from Toronto. Thanks Jason for all your help!

Want to look as good in a hat as Jason? E-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org


Ryan Keyfitz is TUC's Volunteer of the Month for February! Keyfitz has been putting in a ton of time every Sunday helping out with the Women's HAT League clinics, organizing equipment and making sure that all of our up and coming ladies are learning relevant skills. Ryan is a long time player on established teams such as "Yoink" and "fo'realzies" as well as an AUDL Champion with the 2013 Toronto Rush. Thanks Ryan for all your hard work growing the women's game! As an aside, we're excited to announce "Pick it Up" will be returning this year for the week of June 20th - June 24th!

Want to be an AUDL Champ like Ryan? We can't promise that but if you're looking to help out e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org


Austin Ha is the TUC Volunteer of the Month for March! Austin has been making great use of his experience as a two time junior national champion with Toronto Elites Ultimate by coaching in our 4x4 juniors hat league. In March Austin was instrumental in helping ensure that Catch the Spirit was a massive success. Not only did Austin take part in the usual tournament duties, setting up fields and answering questions but he also lent his voice to commentating the Catch the Spirit Finals which can be found on our Youtube page. Austin spent this past winter competing on Karma in our Monday Elite league and on A2Z Vaccums in our Tuesday Mens league. Thanks Austin for all your hard work!

Want to lay out like Austin? Shoot us an e-mail at volunteers@tuc.org


Vladan Ilic is our April 2016 Volunteer of the Month. Vlad was a HUGE help as a coach at our High Schoolers HAT 4on4 league at Monarch Park Stadium. But that's not all! Vlad also lent a big hand at Catch the Spirit, TUC's High School ultimate tournament. In 2015 Vlad was a member of the Junior Open national champions, TORO. As such, we know that our juniors are in good hands with Coach Vlad (no ep). Outside of TUC programming, Vlad is also spending some time coaching with Etobicoke C.I as well as with Energy, a new development team in the Toronto Elites Ultimate system. Thanks Vlad for all your hard work!

We could always use a few more coaches! Want to help out? Drop us a line at volunteers@tuc.org


Toronto Ultimate's May Volunteer of the Month is Robert Godfrey! Over the past year Robbie has been a big help at TUC events, in particular the Spirit Hat Tournament in late May. Robbie was among a group of spirit mentors responsible for leading a group of largely inexperienced players through the day and teaching them about Spirit of the Game. Robbie's support carried over into the evening when it came time to pack away items for the event, travelling to our office at Monarch Park Stadium to ensure that things were taken care of quickly. This summer, Robbie is serving as a captain on BOAT, an open touring team based out of Toronto. If you see him on the fields, make sure to give Robbie a big high five. Thanks Robbie!

For more information regarding Spirit of the Game, Volunteering, or U-Bend LED lightbulbs, hit us up at volunteers@tuc.org


Aileen Lam is the June 2016 Volunteer of the Month! Aileen was a huge help at Summer Experience earlier this month, helping set up fields, managing water, and being an all around golf cart wizard. Aileen is also the volunteer coordinator for Tox6ix, Toronto's newest women's touring team! Thanks to Aileen, several other volunteers were prepared to help early on and helped the tournament go off without a hitch (until it was rained out on Sunday). A TUC member since Fall 2012, you can find Aileen playing or practicing on almost every night of the week! Next time you play against MC Hammer make sure to give Aileen a big high five!

Want to play with baby tigers? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org


Eugene Lim is the Volunteer of the Month for July! Gene has been a huge help this year at all of our summer events thus far. Not only has he been out to both Summer Experience and Midseason but he's managed to help recruit several junior volunteers (affectionately referred to as "Gene's Minions") to help serve alongside him. When he isn't busy coaching Agincourt C.I's ultimate team or suiting up with either his club team, BOAT or the Detroit Mechanix of the AUDL, You can find Gene dominating on Thursday nights with #WeTheShort. Thanks Gene (and minions) for all the support!

Want to be like Gene? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org


Jon Brandt is our Volunteer of the Month for August! Jon is a long time TUC member and dedicated juniors coach for our Toronto Juniors Summer League. Jon has dedicated countless hours this summer contributing to the development, growth, and passion to the next generation of TUC stars! When he isn't busy growing the game, Jon plays in our Tuesday East division with Piggy Wants The Conch. Next time you see Jon on the fields give him a big high five and if you need them, don't be afraid to ask for a few pointers!

We're always looking for more juniors coaches, looking to help? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org


Peter Ferderber is our Volunteer of the Month for September! Peter was a massive help this summer coaching the Agincourt division of our Toronto Juniors Summer League. Peter has been a member of the club since 2012 and can be found playing in our leagues almost every night of the week! This winter, Peter will be continuing to help grow the game by coaching juniors at Monarch Park!

We could always use more juniors coaches! Want to lend a hand? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org


Our volunteer of the month for October is Phil Watanabe! Phil was a huge help at our Monarch Park Stadium dome set up this earlier this month, putting in a ton of hours to help keep TUC moving this fall and winter. Phil is a long time member of the club has been a staple on teams such as The Shepherds, GOAT and the Toronto Rush. Over the past year Phil has furthered his involvement in the sport by taking on the role of President for the Toronto Rush. Thanks Phil for continuing to grow the game at all levels and for your constant support!

Want to be like Phil? e-mail us at volunteers@tuc.org


Gareth Cawley is our Volunteer of the Month for November! Gareth is a longtime member, starting with the club in 2008. Since then, Gareth has been a staple on teams such as Deep, Karma, and Max Power, with whom he won a silver medal with at CUC in 2014. Gareth has been an important figure as of late in the Toronto juniors scene. Not only has he spent the past few seasons working as a coach in our junior leagues but he has also been key in developing a local highschool team, Marshall McLuhan, who finished first in the "B Division" at last years Catch the Spirit tournament. If you see Gareth on the fields make sure to jump up (he's tall) and give him a big high five. Thanks Gareth!

We can always use more juniors coaches! Want to get involved? e-mail volunteers@tuc.org


Hung Nguyen is our Volunteer for the Month of December. Hung, a TUC member since 2008 passed away suddenly at the end of 2016. He will be remembered by the ultimate community for his infectious laugh and incredible spirit. Hung acted as a coach in the u10 and u14 junior leagues at Monarch Park in the fall, sharing his love of the game with the next generation of TUC stars. Thank you Hung, you will be missed.