2000 Midseason Tournament

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The grand prize question on tonight's episode of Who Wants To Be An Ultimate Junkie is "why should I sign up for the 2000 TUC MidSeason Tournament?". Regis is waiting for your answer, and you have no life lines left (although you can call for a sub if you're injured). The choices are :

(a) There isn't a better way to spend a summer weekend than playing Ultimate.
(b) The usual Ultimate amenities (bagels, bananas, oranges, water) will be provided.
(c) Its a great way to prepare for the all important second half of the TUC Summer season.
(d) You can test your skills against players and teams from every TUC Night/Division.
(e) There will be a special dinner at the fields after Saturday's games. (f) All of the above.

If (f) is your final answer, then you've won yourself (and a dozen or so of your closest friends) a great weekend of Ultimate!

The Toronto Ultimate Club's 2000 MidSeason Tournament is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, July 8th & 9th, at Milliken Mills in beautiful downtown Markham. The tournament is open to all TUC members, and is free of charge (if non TUC members want to play, they can, but there will be a small charge). The tournament follows the league format, as all teams must be Coed (4/3). Each team will be guaranteed 6 games over the weekend, with games starting at 9:30 each morning. Entries for full teams, partial teams and/or individuals will be accepted.

Contestant rules are as follows :

1) To sign up, send an EMail to TedPoltoranos@metronet.ca.
2) If you're signing up as a team (full or partial), please indicate your team level (A/B/C), the number of players you have, and the number of players (by sex) you need to fill out your squad. Please have only the captain submit an entry on behalf of the team.
3) If you're signing up as an 'Individual', please indicate your skill level (A/B/C).
4) All entries must be received no later than Monday July 3rd, 11:59 p.m. EST - no exceptions. Partial teams and Individual entries will be assigned by July 5th, and a schedule will be sent out to all captains by July 6th.

If you have any additional questions, please send me an EMail. Otherwise, I'll see you in a few weeks at Milliken Mills!

Ted Poltoranos
TUC Events VP