2005 Midseason Tournament

The Toronto Ultimate Club's 2005 Mid-Season Tournament is a great opportunity for all TUC members and teams to test their skills against players from other TUC Nights & Divisions, and to prepare for the second half of the TUC Summer season and the drive to the Playoffs. And what better way is there to spend a summer weekend than enjoying some spirited Ultimate with your fellow TUC members!

The Toronto Ultimate Club's 2005 Mid-Season Tournament is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, July 16th & 17th. We expect most games will be at SUNNYBROOK PARK . The tournament is open to all TUC members, and is free of charge and $5 for non-members (team captains will be asked to confirm team rosters) The tournament follows the league format, as all teams must be Coed (4/3-3/4). The usual Ultimate tournament amenities (bagels, bananas, oranges, water) will be provided, as well as a special lunch for all players at the field on Sunday. Each team will be guaranteed 6 games over the weekend, with games starting at 9:00 on Saturday and on Sunday. Entries for full teams, only will be accepted.

Registration is for TEAM CAPTAINS only to register their teams. The deadline for registration is 11:59 p.m Thursday July 14th, 2005. Once teams have registered, their names will be posted on this page.

Please have only the captain submit one entry on behalf of the team.

Registered Teams

Team Name Week Night
HAT TEAM All Nights
CCCP NE Tuesday
Cheap n Easy - TuesdayW Tuesday
City Flickers NE Monday
Dances With Pylons Monday
Deep Throw It Wednesday
Disc Hewers Monday
Disc-Horde Monday
Disc-Us-Sting Wednesday
Disciples of Love S Monday
Eastern Disc Race SE Tuesday
Floppy Discs SE Thursday
Frank and Beans SE Thursday
FUBAR Thursday
Hootenanni Reds NE Tuesday
Huck Finn NW Thursday
Jonathan W Monday
Monster NE Monday
Ninjastars Tuesday
Norge Wednesday
RAID W Wednesday
Rehab's for Quitters Thursday
Release the Hounds NW Thursday
Ten Bee Tuesday
The Big Kahunas Wednesday
The Wild Types SW Thursday
DIRT TO's Jr's Touring Team
Markham Juniors Hat Team Monday Night Juniors
Toronto Juniors Hat Team Thursday Night Juniors
S & M Karen Clark/TCSSC