2002 Midseason Tournament

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The Toronto Ultimate Club’s MidSeason Tournament is a great opportunity for all TUC members and teams to test their skills against players from other TUC Nights & Divisions, and to prepare for the second half of the TUC Summer season and the drive to the Playoffs. And what better way is there to spend a summer weekend than enjoying some spirited Ultimate with your fellow TUC members?!

The Toronto Ultimate Club's 2002 MidSeason Tournament is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, July 20th & 21st. (The weekend was changed in June when a major tournament in Ottawa moved - we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.) On Saturday, games will be at or near Milliken Mills Park . And on Sunday, games will be at or near Mintleaf Park. The tournament is open to all TUC members, and is free of charge (if non TUC members want to play, they can, but the have to pay $5). The tournament follows the league format, as all teams must be Coed (4/3-3/4). The usual Ultimate tournament amenities (bagels, bananas, oranges, water) will be provided, as well as a special dinner for all players at the field after Saturday’s games. Each team will be guaranteed 6 games over the weekend, with games starting at 9:00 on Saturday and 10:00 on Sunday. There will also be a party on Saturday evening at a downtown venue. Entries for full teams, partial teams and/or individuals will be accepted.

Registration is now open. To register your team (or partial team or as an individual), please send an Email to tournaments@tuc.org. The deadline for registration is 11:59 p.m. Tuesday July 16th, 2002 – no exceptions. Once teams have registered, their names will be posted on this page. Please check the website to confirm that your registration was received.

If you're signing up as a team (full or partial), please indicate your team level (A/B/C) and night, the number of players you have, and the number of players (by sex) you need to fill out your squad. Please have only the captain submit one entry on behalf of the team.

If you're signing up as an 'Individual', please indicate your sex and skill level (Touring/A/B/C/Beginner).

Partial teams will be filled out and Individuals will be assigned teams on July 18th, and a schedule will be sent out to all captains on July 18th.

If you have any additional questions, please send an EMail. Otherwise, I'll see you in a few weeks at Milliken Mills!

Events VP, TUC

Registered Teams

Level Tentative
Team Captain League
A 1 The Big Kahunas Harry Burkman Wed-A1
B 2 Ruckus Rob Camp Mon-B1
B 3 Disc-Horde Tyson Garbe Mon-B1
A 4 Smooch Onita Basu Touring
B 5 Jim Rockford Lawrence Chamberlain Mon-B2
B 6 Velvet Jones Barry Goldlist Wed-B1
B 7 Deep Throw It Seth Singer Tue-B1
B 8 Swift Deterrent John Atkinson Tue-B1
B 9 Shaving Brian's Privates Graeme Donnelly Wed-B2
B 10 Team 12 Alison Trifoli Thu-B2
B 11 Green Eggs & Sam Sam Lee Tue-B2
B 12 Les Evil Vaches Oranges Jeremy Warson Mon-B3
B 13 Huck Me Beautiful Leigh Kivenko Mon-B3
B 14 Feed The Banana Cream
Chicken Pot Pie
Noah Goldstein Mon-B2/C1
B 15 Dead Dogs Gord Tobias Mon-B4
B 16 A Good Deep Discing Kris Schneider Waterloo
B 17 Limp Disc-It
(needs one woman)
Lisa,Hin,Elisa Combo
C 18 Discgraceful
(needs 2 men, 2 women)
Jeff Peeters Tue-C1
C 19 Disc Devils in Disguise Amy Maish Thu-C1
C 20 Discus Maximus
(needs 3-4 more males)
Stacy Hewson Thu-C-SW
C 21 Dr God
(Spinning From the Machine)
Charles Orchard Mon-C
C 22 Lick My Disc Mark Jaeger Thu-C-SW
C 23 Los Micos Jonathan Leitch Tue-C2
C 24 Queer As Flick Nicole Lafontaine Tue-C2
C 25 NINJASTARS Peyton Leung Thu-C-SW
C 26 Chester Roaster Thomas Meyer Mon-C2
C 27 Low Expectations Glen Eddie Wed-C
Level   Individual
A,B   Heidi Smith
B   Mark Suppanz

Archive.org copy of schedule and results