2004 Midseason Tournament

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The Toronto Ultimate Club’s MidSeason Tournament is a great opportunity for all TUC members and teams to test their skills against players from other TUC Nights & Divisions, and to prepare for the second half of the TUC Summer season and the drive to the Playoffs. And what better way is there to spend a summer weekend than enjoying some spirited Ultimate with your fellow TUC members?!

The Toronto Ultimate Club's 2004 MidSeason Tournament is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, July 17th & 18th. We expect most games will be at or near SUNNYBROOK PARK. The tournament is open to all TUC members, and is free of charge and $5 for non-members (team captains will be asked to confirm team rosters). The tournament follows the league format, as all teams must be Coed (4/3-3/4). The usual Ultimate tournament amenities (bagels, bananas, oranges, water) will be provided, as well as a special dinner for all players at the field after Saturday’s games. Each team will be guaranteed 6 games over the weekend, with games starting at 9:00 on Saturday and 10:00 on Sunday. There will also be a party on Saturday evening at a downtown venue. Entries for full teams, only will be accepted. Organized DAYCARE facilities available on site.

Registration is now closed. The deadline for registration was 11:59 p.m. Thursday July 15th, 2004. Once teams have registered, their names will be posted on this page.

Please have only the captain submit one entry on behalf of the team.


Congratulations to the winner of this year's Mid-Season, The Big Kahunas.

(We are missing some information from teams that disappeared and/or did not report scores; if you have this information please forward it on.)

Pool A

The Big Kahunas
Grim Chukus
Saucy Mynx

Pool B

Jim Rockford
Frank and Beans
Long Bombed

Pool C

Drop Dead Georgeous
Dirty Ponies
So Cut
Zen Asylum
Spin Doctors

Pool D

Flick This
hazar disc 2 your health
Disciples of Love
Floppy Discs
Bloor Velvets
Whats this round thing
Pinkie and the prophets

Registered Teams

Captain's Name Team Name
Gina Arezza Pinkie & the Prophets
David Auyeung Spin Doctors
Lori Bird Faulkers
Teresa Boyle DIRT
Harry Burkman The Big Kahunas
Rob Camp Grim Chuckus
Lawrence Chamberlain Jim Rockford
Lionel Cole Drop Dead Gorgeous
Doug Coote So Cut
Tyson Garbe Disc-Horde
Kelly Gauthier Frank and Beans
Barry Goldlist Tony
Michael Good Fully Loaded
Roger Guttormson Flick This
Christian Hajok Colonel's Secret Recipe
Kevin Hicks Givin' 'er
Andrew Hunter Ninjastars
Brooks Johnson Fumbling 2 Score
Craig Jones Discs-Us-Sting
Adrian Kao Hazar-disc 2 Your Health
Sam Kassam What's this round thing?
Kit Lindquist BerZurk
Scot McFadyen Norge
Will Mercer COOL
Thomas Meyer Jonathan
Galen Midwinter Zen Asylum
Michael Murphy Suck Our Discs
Jason Pedlar Retro
Mark Peros Long Bombed
Steven Perron Floppy Discs
Evan Phillips Saucy Mynx
Ner Mu Nar Saw Team 12.5
Sean Smith Bloor Velvets
Chris Winters Rule 56
Melanie Yip Dirty Ponies
Polly Yung Disciples of Love

If you're signing up as an 'Individual', use the BBS to find a team to play with.

A schedule will be sent out to all captains, July 16th by 2:00 PM.

If you have any additional questions, please send an Email. Otherwise, I'll see you at Mid Season at Sunnybrook!

Events VP, TUC